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Welcome to eInterview.org, a unique website that goes well beyond standard web surveys. Using an interactive technology that took eight years to develop, eInterview "listens" to you and responds much like a human interviewer would.

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As a token of thanks for participating, one person from each interview will be randomly selected to receive a $300 cash prize.

Diet and Lifestyle
Diet & Lifestyle Choices

This interview probes the logic behind various dietary and lifestyle choices, attitudes, and beliefs. Typical length 20-30 minutes.

Race and Advertising
Race & Advertising

This interview focuses on race relations, advertising, and opinions about discrimination. Typical length 15-20 minutes.


eInterview.org is a Social Psychology Network partner site headquartered at Wesleyan University. The purpose is to conduct web-based interviews capable of changing questions, response options, and item wordings depending on the previous answers given. Development of eInterview.org began in 1999 with funding from the National Science Foundation, and the site was released in 2007.


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eInterview.org takes your privacy seriously. Please read this page for a detailed description of eInterview.org's privacy practices. (Note: Because eInterview.org is a partner site of Social Psychology Network, any use of eInterview.org indicates an acceptance of the Social Psychology Network User Policy. If you do not wish to accept this policy, please do not view any further web pages in eInterview.org.)


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