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Diet and Lifestyle Choices Interview

More About eInterview.org

eInterview.org is a Social Psychology Network partner site headquartered at Wesleyan University. The purpose is to conduct web-based interviews capable of changing questions, response options, and item wordings depending on the previous answers given. Unlike simple web surveys, eInterview.org can generate billions of unique interviews on a particular topic.

Development of eInterview.org began in 1999 with funding from the National Science Foundation, and the site was publicly released in March of 2007.

Research Team

eInterview.org was created by a research team headed by Professor Scott Plous of Wesleyan University. The computer program was written by David Jensenius and Vasilios Hoffman; the web site layout was designed by Mike Lestik and Scott Plous; and several student researchers contributed their time and talent to the project, including Michael Barrett, Joel Bartlett, Susan Brudner, Sho Chang, Rebecca Duke, Deanne Dworski-Riggs, Jennifer Fields, Emily Gupta, Jonathan Leland, Andrew Magarie, Holly Mehr, Jessica Necheles, Chelsea Quann, Jennifer Ryan, Alexandra Sedlovskaya, Sabelo Sibanyoni, Randolph Vesprey, Rebecca Weisgrau, Michele Wellington, Max Wu, and Curtis Yee.

The Current Interviews

At the present time, eInterview.org offers two interviews: the "Diet and Lifestyle Choices Interview" and the "Race and Advertising Interview." The Diet and Lifestyle Choices Interview was initially pilot-tested in a traditional face-to-face format by Arthur Baraf and Scott Plous in 1998. The Race and Advertising Interview was adapted by Sho Chang and Scott Plous from a telephone survey conducted by Lynn St. Martin and Scott Plous in 2000. Both of these interviews have been reviewed and approved by the Wesleyan University Institutional Review Board.

Using or Licensing the Technology

The eInterview.org system is not currently available for use on other web servers, and eInterview.org is not presently hosting interviews developed by other researchers. Once the system has been fully field tested, we hope to make it available to others.

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